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The Edward Uomo loyalty program is our way of thanking you for your trust, offering you access to exclusive promotions and special rewards

Loyalty Program

How it works

Create an account on our site for free
earn points
The more you spend, the more points you earn
enjoy the discounts
Convert points into coupons to use for your next purchases on our site

How to gain points

Each stage of your experience on our site and on our social outlets allows you to accumulate points that you can then use to obtain discounts on your future purchases.

Loyalty Program
Earn points for every €1 spent based on your level
Loyalty Program
Add the birthday date
50 points
Loyalty Program
Follow us on Instagram
100 points


Loyalty Program


Spend <€500 in the last 12 months
1 point for every €1 spent redeemable in discount coupons to spend on the site
Loyalty Program


Spent between €501 and €1,500 in the last 12 months
3 points for every €1 spent redeemable in discount coupons to spend on the site
Loyalty Program


Spending >€1,500 in the last 12 months
5 points for every €1 spent redeemable in discount coupons to spend on the site


Use your points to generate coupons of various amounts. The more points you have earned, the greater the higher the value of the coupon you are entitled to.

€10 coupon
500 points
€20 coupon
1,000 points
€50 coupon
2,500 points
€100 coupon
5,000 points
€200 coupon
10,000 points
€500 coupon
25,000 points

After generating the coupon on the loyalty programme widget, copy the code you will see and enter it in the ‘discount code’ section at checkout before completing your next purchase.

Refer a friend

Get further discounts by generating a customised link to share with your friends

They will get
10% off on their first order
You will get
10% off on your next order

The 10% discount will be available to you who generated the link once your friend places his/her first order on Edward Trani by clicking on the link you sent. If you receive the link from a friend, however, the 10% discount will be applied automatically before you finalise your first order on the site. The 10% discount is only valid for users who place their first order at Edward Trani.


How do I sign up for the loyalty program?

Just click on Login or on the loyalty program widget visible at the bottom left of every page of the site.

How do I earn points?

Every time you make a purchase on Edward Trani, the equivalent of the amount spent (net of shipping costs) will be credited to your account as points. For the equivalence between spending and points earned you can refer to the Levels section.

You can also earn points by following our Instagram profile, "Liking" our Facebook page and adding your birthday date to your profile in the loyalty program (see the How to earn points section).

How do I add my date of birth to earn points?

You can add your date of birth on the widget once you have signed up for the loyalty program.

How does the calculation of points based on order value work?

Our loyalty program rewards you based on your spending on our website. The more you buy, the more points you earn and the more benefits you have access to.

The program is divided into three bands: Premier, Elite and Deluxe. If your total spending is between 1 and 1000 euros, you belong to the Premier and earn 1 point for every euro spent, accumulating from 1 to 1000 points.

If, however, you have spent between 1001 and 3000 euros, you are included in the Elite: starting from 1001 euros spent, each euro generates 3 points, allowing you to accumulate from 1003 to 7000 points.

Finally, if your spending exceeds 3000 euros, you enter the prestigious Deluxe: starting from 3001 euros spent, each euro generates 5 points, allowing you to accumulate 7005 points and more. The more points you collect, the more exclusive advantages you unlock: find out immediately which tier you belong to and start earning points with every purchase!

What happens to my points in the event of a return?

In the event of a return, the amount of the returned goods will be automatically deducted from the points balance of your account.

Is there an expiration date for my points?

The points earned have a duration of 12 months, at the end of which your points balance will reset to zero and you will start again from the basic level of the loyalty program (Premier).

This year I placed a few orders before signing up for the loyalty program. Why don't I see the corresponding points in my balance?

The only orders whose value will be converted into points balance are those placed from the launch of the loyalty program onwards.

In fact, the loyalty program does not provide retroactive points for orders placed in the past.

How do I generate coupons?

You can generate coupons through the loyalty program widget at the bottom left. Choose and click on the coupon denomination with the desired discount (compatibly with your points balance), after which you will see the unique code in the widget to copy and paste at checkout before finalizing your next order.

My points balance dropped because I generated a coupon. Will I be demoted to the previous level?

No, once you have redeemed the coupon you will remain in your membership level without going back to the previous one.

You will only suffer a points deduction corresponding to the amount of the chosen coupon.

I am purchasing in a currency other than the Euro. How does the equivalence between order value and number of points work?

The currency taken into consideration for the equivalence between the order value and the corresponding number of points is always the Euro.

Therefore, the price in Euros of the items purchased will prevail and not the price converted into other currencies.

Is the loyalty program valid only for orders placed online or also for those in the physical store?

The loyalty program converts only the value of orders placed on the Edward Trani website into points. If you live or are near our Trani boutique, you will still be able to purchase online and select the option to collect your order in store.

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