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    If you are looking for an original sneaker, which redefines the archetypal concepts of this type of footwear, then the one that will satisfy your search is Hidnander , a Swiss brand, which has chosen Italy as its place of production. For the founders of this interesting brand, fashion is far from the truth, while what they want to build is a " fashion without fiction ", that is, an anti-iconic style, which is based on reality. The inspiration is that of the 70s models, the leather chosen is always of the highest quality, while the flashiness that the competitors focus on is completely omitted, such as a huge logo on the upper. The choice to produce in Italy, then, also derives from sustainability which represents a very high value for Hidnander to share with its customers. Low environmental impact and waste production reduced to a minimum are cornerstones for this brand. As for aesthetics, another fundamental point for those who produce these sneakers, we must think of minimal lines, which combine well with jeans and more formal trousers, for day-to-night use, from work to dinner.
    Discover the new Hidnander collection in our store, together with all the quality and beauty of this iconic Italian-Swiss brand!

    Hidnander new online collection

    Iconic and vintage, the Stripeless Hidnander , Made in Italy, are in white leather and are re-proposed for this season with a particular perforation on the upper, with a used look effect. The laces anchor to the sole and the suede insects give an even more retro look to the model, to wear with your casual clothing.
    For those who love the basketball silhouette, we recommend The Cage model with the reinforced ankle collar and Made in Italy details, which make this shoe a true cult.

    Hidnander running shoes

    Hidnander also produces running shoes, a heritage model completely revised starting from the one for the 10 kilometer run, typical of the 70s. Tenkei is a dream for anyone who loves the period and wants to challenge their limits.

    How to match Hidnander on Edward Trani

    For Hidnander 's easy style, you definitely need an outfit like the one composed by Iceberg and MSGM , for a total urban warrior look !

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