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    Young, carefree and fun, the MSGM brand has the Italian heart of a group of friends who, in 2009, founded it almost as a joke, to play with fashion, combining the classic style of Made in Italy with a streetwear touch that comes from international fashion panorama.
    The brand's style is certainly casual, light and perfect for the summer. Bermuda shorts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats are all designed for a man who loves to move, but not feel forced into a stereotype, nor by fabrics that are not soft. The style is functional, made for free time, holidays, but also for work that does not require too much formality, which the MSGM man does not like. The target is young, but more in spirit than in body, because it is aimed at people with a young spirit, regardless of age: we are talking about active people, who want to explore and always feel very attracted to sport.
    Edward Trani presents you with the news for the new season of MSGM , with items to wear every day for your daily lifestyle , made up of different commitments, but all important.

    MSGM new collection online

    On our store, you can find the MSGM garments of the new season and you will immediately recognize them for their freshness and the pleasure of wearing them! The very comfortable lightweight fleece Bermuda shorts, coordinated with the sweatshirt, have a minimal design and a logo embellished with a relief pattern that reveals an abrasive-treated texture. The coordinated sweatshirt, crew neck with long sleeves, features the same treatment for the logo and creates an ensemble that you can use not only for sport, but also for free time. The basic t-shirt, white or black with a contrasting logo, has minimal and clean lines, also perfect for a blazer.

    MSGM accessories

    Among the MSGM accessories we point out the bucket hats, in canvas with a printed pattern and cotton lining, which are made to keep you cool even on the hottest days of the year!

    To match MSGM on Edward Trani

    The minimal and sporty style of MSGM is well suited to combinations with Hidnander and DATE sneakers for a super casual but always refined total look.

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